Tips On How To Explore And Relish The Wonderful Outdoors Of Warrnambool

06/09/2012 18:17

By Archer Cairns of


Not every person has the imaginative streak to find enjoyable activities to do however, if you find yourself in Warrnambool, your primary interest would probably be “how in the world will you be able to squeeze all the fun provisions of the place into your agenda?”  The area features almost everything - nature, parks, restaurants, exhibits and also hospitable local people who are really pleased with their community.

In case you have kids who have loads of energy and then want to play, Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground is actually 20 hectares of play area for kids; there are flying foxes, remarkable huge slides, boat rides and a maze. The flying fox is incredibly common among children who like to zip through the fresh air on a wire and also giant slides are actually just popular for all.  Aside from all of these provisions, you can find tennis courts, a mini world of golf, and even a nearby skate board playground where teenagers can sharpen their skills through the tough ramps placed within the course.  Generally, Lake Pertobe has all of the space for various types of outdoor enjoyment for all family members.

Nature-lovers on the other hand, have organic backyards where all sorts of unique plants are arranged for the total pleasure of site visitors. There’s a lily lake with geese where youngsters are known to stay for a really long time, just enjoying (and more often than not even feeding) the ducks waddling around lazily.
Tower Hill Lavender Farm is also a great place, not only is there a nice aroma all over especially on a windy day quite a few people like strolling through the fields and even touching the voluminous lavender plants.  The place offers many lavender items that are great takeaways right after the tour.

Hopkins River and Merri River are popular fishing and cruising destinations. Hopkins River is recognized for its beautiful cliffs and also stone formations - an ideal back drop for a wonderful weather day dedicated to fishing.  The calm current of the lake also helps make it ideal for those who wish to go kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing and even swimming. As for Merri River, locals promote it as the right place for catching brown trout which are reward catches for folks who enjoy spending an entire day just simply catching one fish after another. Merri River is not a poor location for swimming as well but those who came to go fishing almost certainly won’t enjoy all the splattering around that usually drive fish away.

Last but not least, trail tours are available to vacationers. Each of the ponies are well-bred and trained to serve all types of riders so this trail rides are actually strongly suggested activities for many who want to really enjoy Warrnambool. Nothing compares to sight-seeing while riding a horse; the feeling has an " old world " appeal that quite a few people are really fond of.